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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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marsha coleman
08-31-2017 (10:21am)
Under Article V. Provider responsibilities – notification to the agency Q. When there is a rule violation of a caregiver, a copy of the corrective action plan, if applicable, must be submitted to the Agency when the investigation is complete. I think the agency should be notified when there is an allegation in the foster home – I didn’t see any language on this except after the fact. Under Article XXII – Screening and Selection D. Verification of Job or Volunteer Application: Provider shall check and document each applicant’s personal and employment references, general work history, relevant experience, and training information. Provider further agrees it will not employ an individual in relation to this Agreement unless it has received satisfactory employment references, work history, relevant experience, and training information. I’m not seeing anything regarding SACWIS checks for CAN for people transporting or job/volunteers
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Don Warner, Oesterlen
09-11-2017 (10:38am)
Article V, Provider Responsibilities and Article XXII, Screening and Selection, are intended to be distinct and separate and thus are not intended to be intertwined in their interpretation. Article XXII is principally an HR function related to the hiring process or engagement of Volunteers.

I am not opposed to Article V, being made clearer--depending on how the Contract Language is worded. Generally speaking I believe the PCSA's and Private Agencies should be working as a Treatment Team to the benefit of the children and thus ALL "Allegations AND alleged Rule Violations" should be reported by Private Agencies to PCSA's. However, in those situations where the information is "cloudy or gray" the Private Agency should be permitted to complete an IMMEDIATE Assessment as to the SAFETY and WELL-BEING of the child for discussion with the Treatment Team BEFORE decisions of removal or respite are determined by the Treatment Team.

There is concern if such reports immediately result in a PCSA requiring the immediate REMOVAL or RESPITE of a youth. Ohio's System of Care needs to guard against "Knee Jerk Reactions" that may unnecessarily result in unintentional further trauma to a child. Certainly, if there is perceived or real potential risk of harm to any child then a REMOVAL or RESPITE would more than likely be deemed appropriate by the Treatment Team. If any doubt then error in the Safety of the child.