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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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Chris Zuercher
09-01-2017 (8:56am)
Art. XXII - Screening/Selection, Sect. B(2)(c) talks about not permitting a person to transport who has an OVI or similar conviction, but only if they have had three within a three year period. Does this offer the Agency sufficient protection?
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Don Warner, Oesterlen
09-11-2017 (10:59am)
Article XXII, B 2 c, is Contract Language that has been around for quite a few years. Ohio's System of Care needs to allow for the Rehabilitation of folks and for "life mistakes" to be made--within reason. The Contract Language in this section was agreed to by the Contract Review Committee that originally "wrestled" with the current Master Contract Language. At the time (approximately 2 years ago) the current language was viewed as "Reasonable". That is not to say the language can't or shouldn't now be modified. Ohio's System of Care simply needs to have some "foundational baseline" from which the PCSA's and Privates and the Licensing folks can work from.