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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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Steve Ehrle
09-05-2017 (11:18am)
Article VIII.J. Recommend the following be added: "Provider agrees to provide written notification to the Agency of requested per diem rate changes. Written notification shall contain the total per diem rate and the per diem rate components (Maintenance, Administration, Transportation, Other, etc.). Per diem rate changes shall take effect the first calendar day of the month after the per diem rate change has been formally approved by the Provider and Agency in a contract amendment."
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Don Warner, Oesterlen
09-12-2017 (3:35pm)
I find myself wishing to agree to adding Article VIII, "J" as written by Mr Ehrle. The proposed language would certainly simplify the establishment of per diems. However, the proposed contract language raises a few issues: 1). The language does not address the "per diem rate negotiation" process--it does state needing "approval by the Provider and Agency" but what is the process?. As the proposed language is written the expectation could be that the PCSA would simply accept the new proposed rate--with no negotiations??? 2). The contract language being proposed raises the question of "How are per diem rates being determined across the state of OH and is there and should there be a consistent process for determining per diem rate structures? Matters of "fairness and equity" come to mind. 3). Isn't the matter of per diems already adequately addressed in Article 1,Scope of Placement Services and Article II, Term of Agreement? OR, is the raising of the Proposed new Article VIII, "J", an indication that the issue of establishing per diem rates need to be addressed across the state of OH and on a consistent basis?????