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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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Mark Mecum
09-28-2017 (4:29pm)
This comment is on behalf of an OACCA member: 1.) The state must genuinely strive to ensure every county actually uses the same base contract. 2.) Agencies/Counties not paying invoices within a 30-45 day window must pay a 10% penalty per month. 3.) Children must arrive to an out of home care placement setting with 7 days supply of clothing. Or if not, a $200.00 clothing voucher must accompany the child at time of placement. If additional clothing is needed during the child's placement, the agency/county will provide a $100.00 per quarter clothing voucher. 4.) Because of the actions of their placement, the agency/county will reimburse the provider for any damages to property/contents exceeding $100.00. 5.) BedHold days are the same for every agency/county with a minimum of seven (7). Any requests exceeding 7 must be in writing and approved by both parties. 6.) Any transportation needs exceeding 75 miles are shared 50/50. If a child is transported for any court appearance, hearing or other event and it is cancelled without sufficient notice to the provider, the agency/county will reimburse the provider at $1.00 per mile to cover personnel and vehicle expense.
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