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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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Josephine Davidson
09-29-2017 (9:37am)
Article I - The parties agree that an Individual Child Care Agreement (hereinafter referred to as an ICCA) will be compiled for each child, which shall govern the child’s care while in the custody of the Agency, and placed with the Provider, pursuant to this contractual agreement. The Agency will monitor each ICCA as established by its protocols and procedures to ensure that the care required under each agreement is being provided to the child. The language contained within each ICCA is incorporated as if fully written herein. In instances where children are in care from one contract year to the next contract year, the last ICCA executed under the prior contract shall carry forward as the current ICCA for the next contract year. The ICCA shall be consistent with the Agency’s policies and procedures, current state and federal laws, federal regulations and relative to the Providers licenses or certified functions and services. Services outside of the Providers license or certified functions are not covered under this scope of services and therefore are prohibited from being performed under this contractual agreement.
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