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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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Josephine Davidson
09-29-2017 (2:54pm)
Additional possible articles: Legal Action and Governing Law -Any legal action brought pursuant to this agreement will be filed in the Ohio courts, and Ohio law as well as Federal law will apply. Warranties - The Provider warrants that its services and/or goods shall be performed and/or provided in a professional and workmanlike manner in accordance with applicable professional standards. Notice Requirements - Notice to the Agency regarding any of the terms and conditions of this contract should be provided to the Director/Assistant Director (Address of County, or County Name) - Notice to the Provider regarding any of the terms and conditions of this contract should be made available to the Corporate President /Executive Director of their respected facility. Monitoring - The Agency will randomly monitor the services provided to the child as indicated in each childs ICCA developed by the Provider in conjunction with the Agency. This practice will ensure cost effective quality services for each child receiving purchased care services. The data will be used to determine and match per diem rates with services provided by the Provider. The Placement Resources Supervisor will discuss and share any data and concerns with the Manager of Placement Resources. The Manager and/or Assistant Director of the Agency will finalize any decisions, regarding per diem rates. The Agency will notify the Provider in writing any concerns regarding per diem rates and services provided. The Agency staff will conduct periodic site visits to the Providers corporate office to problem solve, relationship build, and gather information, i.e., COA accreditation, Title IV-E eligibility, and ODJFS licensure. The data will be used to monitor standards and practices of the Agency and ongoing use of the Provider. The Agency will track and monitor trends regarding Providers rule violations and out of home care investigations. The data will be used to make recommendations regarding the use of specific placement resources and Provider agencies. If a decision is made not to use a placement resource or a Provider, the Agency will make available to that Provider the information pertaining to the rule or investigation that is specific to the Provider if requested by the Provider. The Agency will monitor the Providers continuous quality improvement processes, i.e., personnel training requirements, outcome measures, case record reviews, rule(s) violation reports, etc. Compliance - The Provider certifies that it and all subcontractors who provide direct services under this agreement will comply with all requirements of federal laws, regulations, applicable OMB circulars, state statutes and Ohio Administrative Code rules in the conduct of work hereunder. The Provider accepts full responsibility for payment of any and all unemployment compensation insurance premiums, workers compensation premiums, all income tax deductions, pension deductions, and any and all other taxes or payroll deductions required for the Provider and employees engaged by the Provider for the performance of the work authorized by this agreement.
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