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Agreement for Title IV-E Agencies and Providers for the Provision of Child Placement

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Josephine Davidson
09-29-2017 (3:05pm)
Recommendations for SACWIS Contract: 1. Have drop down boxed at the end of each article to add amendment so the flow of the contract is easy to read. 2. Have a tab or area where all required contract documents that are State issued such as ODJFS license, OHMAS license, Title IV-E Letter with calculation table, BWC certificate, financial audit is available, Certificate of Liability Insurance are available to all 88 counties. 3. Since the Lifebook is a contractual requirement have mechanism for providers to download or scan in information, pictures awards, etc so this can be added to and accessed by all 88 counties.
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Kevin Goshe
09-29-2017 (3:32pm)
I am fully in agreement with Josephine's comment #1 regarding comment areas below each article which will keep amendments immediately below the articles to which they refer rather than putting them together at the end of the contract.