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Completion of the homestudy.5101:2-48-12
Completion of adoption homestudy updates.5101:2-48-12.1
Completion of adoption homestudy amendments.5101:2-48-12.2
Non-discrimination requirements for adoptive placements.5101:2-48-13
Non-discrimination requirements for adoptive placements.5101:2-48-13
Provision of information to a prospective adoptive parent matched with a specific child.5101:2-48-15
Adoption preplacement and placement procedures.5101:2-48-16
Adoption Preplacement and Placement Procedures5101:2-48-16
Adoption preplacement and placement procedures.5101:2-48-16
Assessor visits and contacts with children in adoptive homes prior to finalization.5101:2-48-17
Sharing and transferring adoptive homestudies.5101:2-48-19
Adoptive family case record.5101:2-48-22
Preservation of adoptive child case record.5101:2-48-23
Agency adoption review procedures.5101:2-48-24
Chapter 5101:2-52 Interstate Placement of Children.
PCSA responsibilities for the interstate compact on the placement of children.5101:2-52-04
Interstate placement requirements for Ohio parents, legal guardians, or private entities when placing a child into another state or territory for adoption.5101:2-52-08
Chapter 5101:2-53 Indian Child Welfare Act.
Definitions related to the Indian Child Welfare Act.5101:2-53-01
Determination of Indian status, tribal eligibility and membership.5101:2-53-03
Voluntary placement for temporary custody of Indian child.5101:2-53-05
Emergency removal and involuntary custody of Indian children.5101:2-53-06
Permanent surrender or parental consent to adoptive placement of Indian children.5101:2-53-07
Placement preference of Indian children.5101:2-53-08
Procedures for the transfer of Indian children to a tribal Title IV-E agency or an Indian tribe with a Title IV-E agreement.5101:2-53-09
Chapter 5101:2-50: Bridges Rules.
Bridges Definitions.5101:2-50-01
Title IV-E Eligibility and Reimbursability Determination for Bridges.5101:2-50-04

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