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5101:2-20-13 Adult protective services third party investigation.

This rule is no longer open for comment. However, here you can view an archived, read-only version of the rule and any associated comments.

This rule is being reviewed for 14 days for the purpose of legislative changes regarding Adult Protective Services.

(A) The county department of job and family services (CDJFS) may designate another agency to perform the following duties:
(1) Receive and screen referrals, and investigate Investigate reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
(2) Evaluate the need for protective services.
(3) To the extent of available funds, provide or arrange for the provision of protective services.

(B) The CDJFS shall specify the duties of the designated agency. The designated agency shall perform the duties mutually agreed upon and comply with paragraphs (E) to (L) of rule 5101:2-20-02, and rules 5101:2-20-03, 5101:2-20-04, 5101:2-20-05, 5101:2-20-11, 5101:2-20-12, 5101:2-20-13, 5101:2-20-14, 5101:2-20-16 and 5101:9-14-02 of the Administrative Code.

(C) The CDJFS shall enter into a contract and/or written agreement with the agency it selects to act as its designated agency.

(D) The CDJFS has the ultimate responsibility to insure that all reports assigned to a designated agency are investigated and managed in compliance with the law.