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This website offers you the opportunity to comment on the Ohio Administrative Code Rules that govern programs for Ohio’s families and children, including child and adult protection, substitute care, adoption and related funding and administrative functions.  Whether you are a child professional whose daily tasks are guided by the rules, someone who has had experience with some aspect of Ohio’s child welfare system, or simply an individual who cares about how Ohio’s programs for families and children are administered, you have knowledge and insight to offer.

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Rules Open For Comment

Rule Comments Open Until
Chapter 5101:2-42 Substitute Care.
PCSA and PCPA approval of placements with relative and nonrelative substitute caregivers.5101:2-42-1812/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-48 Adoption.
Putative father registry.5101:2-48-0212/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Requirement of "Social and Medical History".5101:2-48-0312/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Agency adoption policy and recruitment plan.5101:2-48-0512/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Assessor roles and responsibilities for foster care and adoption.5101:2-48-0612/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Adoption inquiry.5101:2-48-0812/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Application process and preservice training.5101:2-48-0912/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Restrictions concerning provision of adoption services.5101:2-48-1012/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Approval of a foster home for adoptive placement.5101:2-48-1112/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Foster caregiver adoption of a foster child or sibling group who has resided with the caregiver for at least six consecutive months.5101:2-48-11.112/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Completion of the adoption homestudy.5101:2-48-1212/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Adoption homestudy updates.5101:2-48-12.112/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Required notification and adoption homestudy amendments.5101:2-48-12.212/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Provision of information to a prospective adoptive parent matched with a specific child.5101:2-48-1512/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Postfinalization services.5101:2-48-1812/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Sharing or transferring an adoptive homestudy.5101:2-48-1912/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Release of identifying and nonidentifying information.5101:2-48-2012/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Child study inventory.5101:2-48-2112/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Adoptive family case record.5101:2-48-2212/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Preservation of adoptive child case record.5101:2-48-2312/22/2019 (11 days remaining)
Inter-country adoption data collection.5101:2-48-2512/22/2019 (11 days remaining)


Forms Open For Comment

Form Comments Open Until
No forms open for comment at this time.


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