24.000 Bottles of spezi land on the roadway

The 41-year-old was at 15.30 o’clock with his truck on the autobahn 3 in the direction of nurnberg on the road. When he left the a3 near kitzingen/schwarzach, the load broke through the metal stanchions and the tarpaulin of his semitrailer in the area of the sharp right-hand bend there. Countless bottles of spezis and potion crates came to rest on the road and the strip of grass to the left of them.

During the accident investigation, the traffic police quickly discovered that the pallets on the loading area had not been adequately secured. The driver had transported his cargo without a lashing with the prescribed tension belts. According to the first estimates, the damage to property amounts to a good 15.000 euros.

The fire departments from kitzingen and dettelbach were on site with over 40 men to salvage and clean the roadway. The haulage company involved, which itself comes from the district of kitzingen, had also sent forces to the scene of the accident. Until the end of the cleanup work, the freeway exit was closed until around 7 p.M. There were no traffic obstructions worth mentioning in the process. The truck driver, who luckily escaped with a scare, is now facing charges for inadequate load securing.

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