Bgs road in coburg suddenly a topic again

Bgs road in coburg suddenly a topic again

Creidlitz occupied the building and environment senate yesterday, because the city itself can create the building law for the new roads here. A road underpass is planned at the exit of creidlitz, right next to the train station. The fabrikweg crossing will also be replaced by an underpass, but only for cyclists and pedestrians. The city's building authority had previously assumed that the building law for the entire conversion could be created in a joint planning approval procedure.

But the railroad waved it off: it would not be possible in terms of time. That is why the city will now amend the development plan accordingly. The railroad will then initiate its own planning approval procedure for the bridges over the underpasses.

At the same time, negotiations are being held on the allocation of costs. As a matter of principle, the federal government, the railroad and the municipality concerned each take on one third of the costs of such railroad underpasses. But the question is what will be purchased. This became apparent during the second item on the agenda: holger knippschild presented five variants of how the future pedestrian and cyclist crossing at lauterer strabe could be designed: with ramps and stairs, or with stairs and moving chairs.

Better with an elevator
In the end, the senate – like the administration before it – preferred a combination of stairs and elevators, because it takes up the least space and seems quite favorable when considering construction and consequential costs. The major part of the discussion then revolved around the question of whether the stairways should simply be roofed or completely enclosed. Presumably, the railroad would only be willing to co-finance a roof, said knippschild. In this case, the city will have to pay for the rest of the enclosure alone.
Nevertheless, the senate decided that the city should go into negotiations with the request for an enclosure. It is still possible to make concessions, according to the tenor.

The railroad crossings rodacher strabe and lauterer strabe will be closed down. Instead, a new subway will be built between the police station and the jean paul school. Another underpass is planned at the height of the neustadter strabe/rosenauer strabe junction. The long-discussed BGS route, which was removed from the medium-term investment plan years ago. Now it returns as an extension of the wilhelm-rub-strabe, which starts at the HUK-coburg data center on lauterer hohe. Part of this line was then co-financed by the railroads.

It remains to be seen when this BGS line will be built. The top priority for him is the subway in creidlitz, said third mayor and construction officer hans-heinrich ulmann (CSB). He expects that both sides will finalize their plans this year and that the "intersection agreement" can then be concluded agreement on the costs can be concluded. The lauterer strabe flyover is part of the plans for the new underpass parallel to the rodacher strabe and came second on ulmann's list. The BGS line is at the end of the line. In the city's investment plan, it is only in the column "from 2017" listed.

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