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How long does the revision and publishing process take?

Posted on Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Without any revisions or comments, a rule may be finalized in approximately seven months. Comments or revisions in multiple areas can extend the timeframe to as long as 18 months. The following factors influence how long it takes a rule package to move through the process:

  • Comments through the internal clearance processes
  • Comments through the external clearance processes
  • Legal issues or new language suggestions that may be raised
  • Issues or comments raised by JCARR and/or the Legislative Services Commission
  • Public comment

Like any legislative process, the rule promulgation process can be lengthy and labor-intensive. For those awaiting the final rule, the time lapse between comment and effective date can be daunting.  Each step is important, however. The process allows for public comment and prevents overreaching or unrealistic regulations from being implemented.

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