Breitbrunn community: cheers for the burgers

breitbrunn community: cheers for the burgers

Gertrud buhl would have preferred to award many more community burghers this evening than she ultimately did. The breitbrunn mayor told the invited guests at the awards evening, which was held at the community center immediately after the council's final meeting of the year, that in her community she feels she is part of a large family that sticks together throughout the year "to the best of their ability" to take care of each other.
"Our community thrives on the fact that citizens live and work in it who are actively involved in the community." this can be seen as praise and appreciation for all breitbrunner,although some burghers stood out in the past years,who on thursday evening (21. December) were honored separately by the mayor.

In various categories (school; sports; family and social affairs), buhl highlighted the achievements of young and old members of the community. According to the mayor, ursula and hermann teufel's commitment is unusual: the couple has been caring for the river together "day after day" for 15 years ursula teufel's mother, who is now 89 years old and in great need of help. Here, too, buhl deliberately included those who were not on the list of honorees, but who nevertheless sacrifice themselves in a similar way for their relatives or friends: "the commitment of those who are often involved for decades takes place in silence, unaccompanied by photographers and reporters", buhl said. Often, the carers do not want to make a fuss about their work, which is why this award is a recognition of their strenuous work in a private, family environment.

The mayoress also honored members of the community who have been able to celebrate great successes at a young age, whether in school or in sports. In the sports category, darius stratz and jule greul were honored for their achievements in martial arts, mainly in the field of kickboxing. Darius stratz, 15, was already world champion (2013) in his age and weight class, was the athlete of the year of the district habberge in the same year and is currently also a member of the A-national squad kickboxing. Although he was unable to participate in sports for half a year in 2017, he did so well in the second half of the year that he was ranked in the german "youth A, weight class up to 63 kilograms" ranking still reached the third place. Kickboxer jule greul, who is five years younger, had a season that buhl described as "outstanding" jules has won several tournaments at state and national level (including the bavarian championship), and is also a member of the b-national kickboxing squad.

Some mathematics talents

School achievements also highlighted by buhl. The winners were lucas sperber (eltmann middle school, third-best qualifying average in 2017, best work in mathematics), jana reich (eltmann middle school, best qualifying average in 2016, best work in mathematics, also second-best average in the intermediate school leaving examination in the following year, also at eltmann middle school) and christian knoblach (eltmann secondary school, prize for mathematics).

In the meeting of the municipal council that preceded the awards evening, the municipal council approved by resolution the election of the commanders of the lubbgerg fire department – breitbrunn municipality. First commander is detlef niedermeier, his deputy christian stierl.

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