By bus through the “blue night” – nurnberg’s brightest night from a different perspective

By bus through the

"Please enter!", christopher shouts while andrea climbs the three steps to get in and lets herself fall in the back of the driver in one of the soft upholstered seats, which are covered with wonderful red leatherette. "Phew! The 'blue night' is simply more comfortable by bus", says the nurnberger and laughs while the old diesel chugs away in first gear.

Blue night in nurnberg 2018: art on the ears – visitors can listen to the soundtrack on their own cell phones

Omnibus from the year 1959

"I was just at the opera house. Now i want to go to the castle to get a good place for the castle projection." to fub through the crowded old town? That would have been too much of a good thing for the art-loving lady, says andrea. At the next stop christopher behind the wheel suddenly gets a kiss. "This is my michelle", the baffled bus driver defends himself after the confession of love and tells that he is going to the "blue night" as an active member of the "tramway friends volunteers behind the historic omnibus from 1959 to drive the blue old town with his cremeweiben "kraus-maffei" all night long with orange stripes to go around.

Pictures of the blue night 2018!
Meanwhile, the 120 strong horses have reached the vestnertorgraben in the back of the imperial castle. Andrea waves briefly to the driver and then hops down the three steps to the exit. Many other passengers choose the same way. Because from the stop it is only a cat's jump to the "castle projection" and so to the high point of each "blue night". Heuer has dan reeder, nurnberger kunstler-urgstein with american roots, the honor. Photos of giant sausages dancing across the kaiserburg as if to rub against it are already circulating on the internet.

No "blue night missed

Norbert is one of the few passengers who don't get off and stay on the bus. "I am going for a ride. I enjoy experiencing my city from a different perspective tonight", says norbert and explains that he has not yet experienced a "blue night" I missed it. "As a citizen, you have the obligation to express your appreciation for the commitment of the city and the many volunteers by taking part and buying a ticket," says the nurnberger confidently, the nurnberger is sure.

After 45 minutes, the stop at the opera house is reached again and seven-year-old daniel boards the bus with a blue balloon animal. "I was the last child to get a balloon", says the seven-year-old proudly. "Now we drive into the historic streetcar depot. I know my way around streetcars. The very latest model" is driving there, says daniel, pointing casually at a streetcar rushing past in front of the main station.

"It's supposed to be a madhouse there"

The trams at all. They are obviously popular with families. "We are also going to the tramways" says, max from the neighboring seat intervenes. "We have been doing the family tour since five o'clock. I find it very exhausting", says sonja and little max beams with satisfaction.

"Is the city very crowded?", meanwhile a new passenger asks the driver. "I don't get that much of the 'blue night' here at the wheel", christopher, sitting in the driver's seat, has to admit that he is always "um" never "in" driving the blue glowing old town.

Of course, he can imagine that many of the 150 or so people on the bus will now be on the move as dawn breaks.000 visitors set off for the castle. "There should be the holle los", another passenger in the now crowded bus speaks up and pulls the wonderfully analog ringing line with the bell. After a short eternity, the 6500 kilograms come to a halt. The entire busload gets off and heads for the castle. There dan reeder let red hearts flicker over the castle. Later, in fact, giant sausages fly through the blue summer night.


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