According to hans michelbach, member of the cronach constituency and deputy chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, the annual report of the economic experts underscores the need for additional measures to strengthen corporate liquidity. "The slightly better forecast for this year should not obscure the fact that the recovery will take a long time and will not reach the level of 2019 until the beginning of 2022, michelbach said. He called on the social democrats to abandon their resistance to the inclusion of tax improvements for companies in the 2020 annual tax law.

He stressed that "the subsidies for the management of the pandemic crisis must be gradually restored…. It is much more effective to enable businesses to improve their liquidity." in addition, medium-sized partnerships that are in the continuation phase had to be better protected by changes in the inheritance tax law.

Bgs road in coburg suddenly a topic again

Creidlitz occupied the building and environment senate yesterday, because the city itself can create the building law for the new roads here. A road underpass is planned at the exit of creidlitz, right next to the train station. The fabrikweg crossing will also be replaced by an underpass, but only for cyclists and pedestrians. The city's building authority had previously assumed that the building law for the entire conversion could be created in a joint planning approval procedure.

But the railroad waved it off: it would not be possible in terms of time. That is why the city will now amend the development plan accordingly. The railroad will then initiate its own planning approval procedure for the bridges over the underpasses.

SPD member of parliament sabine dittmar has good news for the multigenerational houses in her constituency from the budget committee. In the so-called "purge" meeting it was decided that the federal government’s subsidy for the 540 facilities that exist in this area in germany would be increased by 10,000 euros a year, according to a press release by sabine dittmar.

"Excellent and successful work is being done in the multi-generation houses": sabine dittmar gives the facilities in habfurt, bad kissingen, bad konigshofen, schweinfurt or schwebheim a more than good report card. "The offer is diverse, varied and really well organized", declares the member of the bundestag. "For a long time now, multigenerational houses have become an indispensable part of social interaction in the communities." the good, steadily increasing visitor numbers speak a clear language from her point of view. "Without the multigenerational houses, something would be missing in the cities and communities."

Actually, it was about the subsequent use of the old hospital building in lichtenfels. The county would now like to use an "expression of interest" procedure move forward and find an investor. For this purpose, district administrator christian meibner (CSU) has scheduled a special meeting for monday, 24 june. June, a special meeting of the district council scheduled. On monday, he informed the county committee about this. Since the hospital association has so far not been precise about the need for space in the vacant building, the county did not want to wait any longer. "A house doesn"t get better if no one lives in it", said the county administrator and asked for leniency that it has taken so long to get to the step now announced. He had imagined the whole thing to be simpler. There is definitely interest in the hospital building; just last week, a potential investor was looking around there, meibner noted.

Clinic reuse in focus

In the course of the expression of interest procedure, the district council was not obliged to agree to a sale to the highest bidder. Instead, it was possible to decide on a concept that had been submitted.

Locusts or knights in shining armor? The osram takeover

The management of lighting manufacturer osram is promoting the takeover of the munich-based company by two U.S. Financial investors.

The price offered of just under 3.4 billion euros is "very attractive" for shareholders, said chief executive olaf berlien on friday. And for osram and its 26,000 employees, according to berlien, it offers the chance to finance investments for which there would otherwise be no money: "we have access to capital that we don’t have today with our firepower."

Postal standard letter to cost 58 cents postage in future

It is the first postage increase for standard postage letters in 15 years. The post office had justified the request in mid-september with, among other things, cost increases and declining letter volumes. Nevertheless, the post office is the only company to provide flat-covering basic services six days a week, said jurgen gerdes, member of the board of directors of the deutsche post group. The post office also points to collectively agreed wages and social benefits above the competitive level for 180,000 employees in the mail and parcel sector alone.

The increase is "moderate," the federal network agency said in justifying its approval. In the past, the post office has exhausted its efficiency reserves and demonstrated higher costs. The private letter writer will be affected by an average of less than ten cents per month. This is acceptable, especially as germany is in the middle of the european league in terms of letter prices, said the president of the federal network agency, jochen homann.

Successful donation campaign of the fruit and gardening association seigendorf-friesen

Donation to the association "hilfe fur anja"/interessengemeinschaft "baby liah" uberreicht:
traditionally, the fruit and horticulture association of seigendorf-friesen held an event on 4. Advent a gluhweintreff in front of the old school in seigendorf. With spice slices, almond wedges, homemade waffles, gluhwein and children’s punch, people got in the mood for the upcoming christmas feast with christmas music and singing.
This year, the donation box was filled particularly generously, as the entire contents – including the amount donated at last year’s gluhweintreff – were to be donated to the association
"hilfe fur anja"/interest group "baby liah" to be passed on.
After the transfer check was issued, the amount of the donation increased twice more, and the 1. Chairman of the OGV seigendorf-friesen, richard fleischmann, to the 1. Mayor of buttenheim and initiator of the community of interest "baby liah", mr. Michael karmann handed over no less than 900,00 euro. He thanked with all his heart and will forward the generous donation to the association "hilfe fur anja". The association will use the money to pay for laboratory costs for stem cell typing in order to find a suitable stem cell donor as early as possible for little liah and as many other people suffering from blood cancer as possible.
Overwhelmed by this helpfulness we say to all donors a hearty "vergelts’ gott".

Athens' draft budget: significant surplus planned for 2014

The so-called primary surplus is projected to be 1.6 percent of economic output next year, or 2.8 billion euros. The finance ministry expects a marginal surplus of 340 million euros as early as this year, deputy finance minister christos staikouras said in athens on monday. US investor george soros, meanwhile, called for a comprehensive debt cut for the crisis-stricken country.

According to staikouras, the greek debt will reach 319.4 billion euros (174.5 percent of economic output) next year. He went on to say that this year the greek economy was allowed to shrink by four percent. 2014 should see growth of 0.6 percent for the first time since 2008. The deficit as a share of economic output will be 2.4 percent this year against 6 percent in 2012.

The move into the new town hall is delayed because the original completion date cannot be met, as was reported at the town council meeting. The estimated costs will also rise by almost twelve percent. But this is not surprising. Most rates and burgers probably expected something like this for a complex tree removal like the one in hammelburger strabe.

"It’s the unfinished building situation that drives us in. Everything else is in order", the usually critical elmar hofmann was understanding. He was right to do so, because the unforeseen problems that arose could not have been planned either in terms of budget or cost.

The munich public prosecutor’s office issued a corresponding notice for a misdemeanor of negligent breach of duty of supervision. In vienna, however, the public prosecutor’s office is still investigating allegations of fraud, bribery, money laundering and embezzlement, the austrian news agency APA reported, citing a spokesman for the authorities.

Airbus has accepted the bubgeld, the munich public prosecutor’s office announced. The investigations into airbus employees and business partners, which have been ongoing since 2012, have not produced any evidence that bribes were paid in connection with the sale of the eurofighter. However, the public prosecutor’s office objects to payments in the three-digit millions to two companies in great britain.