Mozart's artistic dog

In medieval paris, and not only there, there was a strange custom: a donkey was led before the altar and the congregation sang ambiguous songs and imitated animal sounds, such as the iah of the gray animal, during the mass celebrated by a jester bishop.

Well, things will not be so extreme on carnival sunday in the hegelsaal of the konzerthalle. Living animals have no access to the sacred halls of the bamberg symphony orchestra. Says bratschist christof kuen, who acts as a kind of chief organizer of the carnival concert. Which, in a very serious way, fits into the chamber music series of the bamberg symphony orchestra and has found a congenial companion in the minitheater impresario and performance artist martin neubauer, who is very well known in bamberg. A cooperation already preserved in previous concerts, by the way.

Barbecue rhon style

It was a special smell that was in the air in wegfurt. A mixture of smoke, crispy meat and sausages. The rhon BBQ festival on the land of the DJK wegfurt attracted die-hard grill and barbecue fans from all over the region. Over 1000 visitors were paid. After the great success of the previous year, it was clear for the initiator and idea giver julian rocco and his friends that there must be a rhon BBQ festival again this year, with meat specialties that meet the highest quality standards. Julian rocco and his friends, who come from rhon villages (wegfurt, schonau, burkardroth, stangenroth and munnerstadt) are die-hard barbecue fans.

It is important to them to explain that the term barbecue should not be confused with the traditional grill. Often a cozy barbecue with friends and good music is called a barbecue. But with barbecue is actually meant a cooking method that differs from the traditional grill. The meat is cooked very slowly in special barbecue smokers for up to 16 hours at a moderate temperature in the hot exhaust air of a wood fire, according to the motto "low and slow" to be cooked. The barbecue, on the other hand, takes place directly above the embers at 200 to 300 degrees celsius. The steaks, chops or hamburgers take a maximum of half an hour to cook.

Three women compete for the crown in pressig

While the election campaign is drawing to a close all over germany, the battle for the throne in pressig is only just beginning. A trio of female candidates is competing there for the favor of the citizens of burgen in the election of the wine queen. The charming candidates for the throne were presented to the public in the country inn treuner. The candidates have one thing in common: their willingness to get involved in their home communities.

17-year-old adriana fortsch is training to be a saleswoman and is currently working in the "young fashion" department of a department store busy. "When the chairman of the market pressig action group, wolfgang fortsch, asked me if i would stand as a candidate, i spontaneously agreed," she says with a laugh, she explains. "First of all, i think that the young generation should also be involved in making the market town of pressig more attractive, and secondly, it is certainly fun to volunteer for such a good cause." she could well imagine meeting lots of people and gaining new experiences, says adriana fortsch.

The wait for the

Coburg's music lovers had to wait a long time for georg friedrich handel's "messiah" waiting. Although the oratorio is one of the most popular works of choral literature, it has not been on the program in the city for many years. On the third advent church music director peter stenglein conducts a performance with the kantorei st. Moriz.

Do you remember when you saw the "messiah"? The first time we conducted?
Very well indeed. That was in 1990 – at my first job in furstenfeldbruck, one of my first projects ever, with a very small choir and in english of course. I had sung it in german before, but I was always annoyed at certain parts.

"Sunrise" – sunrise hit one of the cocktails oliver fink mixed for his guests at the bar. Until sunrise, however, the visitors of the "night swim" were able to enjoy the swimming pool no party in the burghaslach outdoor pool. At midnight it was over – at least that's what was announced.

A huge fun for big and small, for young and old was this nightly bath spab anyway. But swimming on a bright august day is already a pleasure. Even more beautiful is the bathing pleasure at night, according to all surveyed visitors. But it was also beautiful to see how the many lights were reflected on the water, how the water-spitting mushroom in the spittoon was surrounded by a golden curtain of fire, and how a dreamlike starry sky shone above it all. There it needed actually nothing more, in order "to be in a good mood", as one teenager said.

Two years had passed since the last christmas concert in the oberbach parish church of maria himmelfahrt. And as always, there was not a vacant seat left in the huge house of worship, which is also referred to as "rhon dome" is titled.

Creating a beautiful experience

Frank lohmuller from the oberbacher brass band, which only intersperses very restrained and sporadic musical accents in the very varied program at the christmas concert, put the concert visitors in the mood for the end of the year. "We are bombarded with thousands of messages every day", said lohmuller. This does not make it easy for people to come to rest. It is all the more important that at least once a year there is a time when it is possible to pause, to process what has been experienced, to distinguish the essential from the unessential and to be grateful for the beautiful moments that we were able to experience in the past year. "We would like to create another beautiful experience with our christmas concert", so lohmuller. Because music is the best way to convey the emotions of the christmas season.