Politicians tie up corona emergency packages for employees and companies

The corona crisis has had dramatic economic consequences: businesses and factories are shutting down, orders and sales are collapsing. Companies are worried about their existence, employees are worried about their jobs.

Politicians now want to work with employers and unions to put together additional emergency packages – also to prevent gross wage robberies. Expanded credit programs for companies are already underway.

Consumer users threaten with new account fee lawsuit

Consumer users do not want to accept the behavior of some credit institutions in the dispute over account fees without a fight.

We have to see whether individual cases turn into a scam, for example, threatening consumers with unauthorized account confirmations, said the head of the federation of german consumer organizations (vzbv), klaus muller, to the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. "In this respect, my appeal to the financial sector is quite clear: you can also gamble away your trust."

Railroads will have to do without new ice trains for a long time yet

The delivery of new ICE trains from siemens is not expected this year either, said railroad board member ulrich homburg in berlin on tuesday.

Furthermore, the installation of new axles in the existing ICE fleet will be delayed. This is the prerequisite for the axles to be checked less frequently and for more trains to be able to operate in daytime traffic.

The parking ban and the vicious circle

Almost two dozen witnesses. Lots of summarized indictments and punishment orders from the past five years. A whole trial day. For the battle over a parking ban in sthashausen, which has been bitterly fought for years, something like a rough cleaning was announced at the kitzingen district court on wednesday. In the end, the accused couple received a custodial sentence and a severe ruffle from the court: the couple, who were chasing the wrong parker, had "difficulties with the law," according to the verdict.

The beginnings of the story go back more than ten years: what started as a kind of quarrel soon turned into a petty war and took on more and more alarming dimensions over the years. Basically, it always revolves around the same incident: there is a parking ban in front of the house of the accused couple – directly at the entrance and exit – but not really everyone cares about it. Regularly held there for a short time. Also because for many years there was a bank branch on the opposite side of the street. This time-as-it-happens short-changed the homeowners so much that from now on their lives revolve around the hunt for the wrong parkers. Thousands of complaints against parkers accumulated over time.

Kulmbach pharmacist hans-peter hubmann is involved in the aid organization "pharmacists help e.V." for better health care in uganda.

With the construction and operation of six health centers in various locations in the kibaale district in uganda, the pharmacists want to improve the supply of medicines there step by step.

The 41-year-old was at 15.30 o’clock with his truck on the autobahn 3 in the direction of nurnberg on the road. When he left the a3 near kitzingen/schwarzach, the load broke through the metal stanchions and the tarpaulin of his semitrailer in the area of the sharp right-hand bend there. Countless bottles of spezis and potion crates came to rest on the road and the strip of grass to the left of them.

During the accident investigation, the traffic police quickly discovered that the pallets on the loading area had not been adequately secured. The driver had transported his cargo without a lashing with the prescribed tension belts. According to the first estimates, the damage to property amounts to a good 15.000 euros.

Elke englert the cabaret artist andrea volk showed in habfurt on the weekend, where it goes in the office everyday life long. With their program "festive evening! Buro and berks" she dealt with survival in the digital age 4.0.

Andrea volk presents herself for the first time in southern germany. She wowed with hearty comedy. First came the coffee she was served on the stage of the town hall, and then the daily routine of the office.

Police investigate after chemical alarm at dresden university

After a student had complained of nausea during experiments and a suspicious smell had been noticed, the fire department had declared a general alarm on thursday and evacuated the entire building affected.

More than 100 people – mostly students – were taken to hospital. However, no one was seriously injured. After several hours, the fire department finally gave the all-clear. All measurements were negative, a spokesman said late last night. According to police, it was not possible to determine whether toxic gas had been released during the students’ experiments at all.

It will be sharp, sharp and at least theoretically painful next friday at 19.30 o'clock in the bavarian brewery museum to go to. Everyone knows the terms sword, dagger and rapier or has heard of long knives. But what kind of weapons were they really? What they consisted of? And how were they actually used in battle? These are the questions that the friends of plassenburg castle are investigating together with historian, archivist and weapons expert daniel burger.
The expert will also demonstrate with real weapons that many movies and tv series like "game of thrones" are based on not necessarily show the correct handling of such objects. Medieval fights are often shown in films and medieval fairs as rough actions, as dull "hitting" shown. But this does not correspond to the historical facts. Doctrines from the 14th century., 15. And early 16. The eighteenth century shows that the european middle ages possessed their own, highly specialized martial art. This much is already revealed: long knives were not necessarily found in the cakes at the end of the middle ages.
On display will be precise modern reconstructions as well as blunt training weapons. The participation in the lecture evening is free of charge. 

way clear for corona direct aid to small companies

In the corona crisis, the disbursement of direct aid to millions of small companies, solo self-employed and freelancers is expected to begin in the next few days. Farmers should also be supported.

In total, federal funding of up to 50 billion euros is at stake. Federal and state governments reached an administrative agreement, according to the ministry of finance and the ministry of economics. This has allowed the states to draw down federal funds as of monday to disburse grants quickly and unbureaucratically.