Lenten sermon and fish dinner

"We can not change things, but the attitude to the facts we have in our own hands. The truth is to be expected of mankind. Lent is a time of training for our sense of reality, good for understanding the world as it is; accepting people as they are; liking ourselves as we have become. Above all: to work actively on how we want to develop ourselves into the person we can and should become." this was one of the key statements made by pastor edwin erhard in his "lenten sermon" the almost 100 participants of the comradeship of former soldiers, reservists and surviving dependents (kaerh) hammelburg were advised to. Traditionally, the kaerh begins the lenten season with a fish supper, of which the lenten sermon is a major part. Deputy chairman franz herrler was also able to bury mayor armin warmuth, the new commander of the federal armed forces UN training center, colonel werner klaffus, and also the new catholic military priest alfons schopf.
During the event, members were honored for their many years of service to the german armed forces association. Deputy chairman herrler, together with the chairman of the ERH on the sud regional board of the german armed forces association, bernhard hauber, presented a certificate and a loyalty pin to sergeant major a.D. Jurgen armbruster and bernd submann for 40 years of loyalty to the association and to sergeant major a. D. Walter kunszt for 50 years. Walter kunszt also played a major role in the creation and design of the kaerh’s commemorative publication on the occasion of its 40th anniversary in 2015.

No resignation: seehofer goes on vociferous counterattack

CSU leader horst seehofer has massively attacked his critics in the state parliamentary group in the party's power struggle. Right at the beginning of a closed session of the CSU parliamentary group in the state parliament, he attacked in particular members of parliament and members of the government who were engaged in the current debate on personnel, according to unanimous statements from the participants. The minister-president said on wednesday that the CSU is exposing itself to ridicule. It can't go on like this – the personnel discussion belongs at the party conference. The CSU is at a crossroads – namely, whether it will remain capable of governing.

There was long and strong applause for seehofer afterwards, it continued to be said from participant circles. Faction leader thomas kreuzer even spoke of a "good mood" with an ironic undertone. Even before the start of the meeting between seehofer and the 101-strong faction, the CSU leader had accused his critics of using personnel debates primarily to harm the entire party. "The damage has already been done, it can't be erased", he told journalists.

What the new burgerrathaus in bamberg looks like

When he enters the building on the southern promenade, mayor andreas starke (SPD) quickly recalls: "I was sampled here, says the 61-year-old as he climbs the stairs to the old entrance to the former district recruiting office. The heavy tur still looks like it did back then. Starke will retain the decades-old memory, as will many other burghers, because the old one is also to be the new entrance to the planned burgerrathaus, which will open its doors in spring 2019.

Work started in 2019

during a tour, strong and financial officer bertram felix now informed about the concept and the progress of the work, which began in april 2019.

Demonstration of faith

Young people from the parish community "maintal/heilige lander went with deacon joachim stapf on the way to the zeiler kappele.

During this youth pilgrimage from ebelsbach to zeiler kapellenberg, in which about 60 young people and some adults participated, the joy of faith of the young people was surprising, as the parish community reported. Deacon stapf said: "we adults could sometimes learn so much from the young people. They live their faith completely uninhibited and really enjoy praying together." the young pilgrims prayed in the vineyards for the preservation of the creation, for spiritual vocations and also for more self-confidence to get involved in the discussions about the future of the church.

Two-track railroad collective bargaining round enters extension phase

Collective bargaining for around 160 employees.000 german railroad employees still waiting for the hoped-for breakthrough. In berlin, the railroad resumed the interrupted talks with the railroad and transport union (EVG) on tuesday.

In eisenach, the company negotiated new collective agreements with the german locomotive drivers’ union (GDL). Spokespersons for all three bargaining parties did not rule out negotiations "into the night.

Uschi brown and ottmar schlander stand in the kitzingen city center almost every day until christmas eve. In their small stand at the christmas market, sausages are sizzling on one side. On the other slowly warming up the fire tongs punch. Brown and slender hats the stand of the butchery geiger.

According to the two, a few hundred cups and sausages go over the counter here on a good day. Things can get hectic even during the festive season. But uschi brown won’t let herself get stressed out. For you it is already the fifth year on the kitzingen christmas market. Actually she is a pensioner. Their colleague ottmar schandler participated for the first time this year.

track of uni hospital hackers to russia?

After the hacker attack on the university hospital in dusseldorf, a possible trail of the perpetrators leads to russia, according to the ministry of justice.

The hackers had introduced a malware called "doppelpaymer" into the system. This so-called encryption trojan had already been used in numerous other cases worldwide against companies and institutions by a hacker group which, according to private security companies, is said to be based in the russian federation. This was announced by the ministry of north rhine-westphalia in a report to the legal committee.

disruptions in the vodafone cable network - server problems solved

Vodafone’s cable network experienced internet connection disruptions on monday and tuesday. On monday evening and tuesday morning, up to 500 people had been injured.000 customers affected, vodafone spokesman said tuesday.

In the course of tuesday morning the disturbance was repaired, it was said. Customers in north rhine-westphalia, hesse and baden-wurttemberg repeatedly had problems dialing into the internet with their guesses. This is the territory of the former cable network provider unitymedia, which was taken over by vodafone last year.

On the castle hill at the memorial to the fallen, the people of konigsberg gathered for a memorial service on national mourning day.

"Only those who remember can learn from the past in order to shape a better future", said mayor claus bittenbrunn. He recalled the year 1939, when germany invaded poland and imposed a reign of terror, arbitrariness and violence. Expulsions, plunder, massacres, deportations of forced laborers, and unrestrained material exploitation were present. Poland’s jewish population was herded into ghettos and later almost completely exterminated.

outgoing mayor wishes: weitramsdorf may continue to prosper

According to his own words, christian gunsenheimer remained in office until the end of his term of office on 29. April evening exactly 29 hours; he used a considerable part of this precious span to give an account of the past twelve years, in which he was a source of ideas and realized the direction of the municipal policy with the cooperation of the entire municipal council.

Gunsenheimer's review
What seemed to be important for him was to look back at the "beruchtigten" first 100 days" of every politician; here he collected – as a "youngster" – a lot of experience, as he called himself, – 2002 the first experiences, which were given to him by his predecessor hermann lankl as well as by the "old hares" had been willingly communicated in the municipal council.