When bernhard schnabrich and his bandmates played on 3. When they played at the war dance for the first time on february 1989, they didn't expect to perform there ten, 20 or even 25 times. "It is unbelievable what success we had and still have at the war dance in steinwiesen", he says. But what is the secret of this long lasting cooperation between the "ghostriders"? And the "warriors?

"When the then second chairman, peter wahlich, recommended the group 'ghostriders' to us, we didn't know them at all. But we were so positively surprised that we immediately made a contract for the following year", explains gunter deuerling, treasurer of the soldiers and reservists comradeship, as the club is called. And that's how it has remained – after the dance is before the dance. Because the band around drummer bernhard schnabrich responds to the visitors, is oriented to them, it has become a perennial favorite.

The meeting hall is the first to fall

Bernhard panzer the rough project for the new town hall is about to begin. Christoph schmidt from the architecture firm BSS in nurnberg explained the project to burgers on tuesday evening. The demand was limited to 15 visitors, the direct residents had already been informed separately.

As reported several times, the town hall, which was built in the 1960s, will be demolished and replaced by a new building. The work will continue until the third quarter of 2022. Now the schedule is roughly fixed. However, there may still be shifts, as mayor german hacker (SPD) pointed out. It is not known whether there are other historical treasures lying dormant in the earth around the castle. He, hacker, does not even like to think about the IHK building in nurnberg, which has been delayed for two years.

The summer swimming season under corona hygiene rules went well. In any case, better than could have been expected in the spring, during the lockdown. Martin luders, the managing director of freizeit-gmbh, is satisfied with the utilization of the bathing lake as well as the camping site and the canoe rental. Now he and his team are turning their attention to the fall and winter, to the indoor swimming pool season at the aquariese. They prepared for it as best they could. The staffelstein leisure pool is one of the few facilities in the surrounding area that is open to the public. The indoor swimming pools in bamberg and coburg remain closed. The "merania in lichtenfels is open at the usual times.

For canoe rental companies, says luders, the fluctuating level of the mains due to low precipitation in recent years has always been a problem. However, the drought had little effect on the canoe and standup paddle season at the leisure company, luders sums up. Because this was to be expected in advance, paddling tours on the main between hausen and lichtenfels were mainly offered. In this section, there is always enough water in the riverbed due to the dam of the hausen power plant. In addition, the paddlers could admire banz monastery, staffelberg mountain and vierzehnheiligen from here – in addition to water sports on the natural river.

When he started 50 years ago, he was still too small to stand at the workbench: that's why reinhold ramer was soon given a small platform the height of a euro pallet, which he had to pull behind him when he changed jobs. No wonder that he attracted all eyes on him and for his podium was soon known company-wide.

That was a long time ago: in the meantime, he is no longer an apprentice, but also trains – and he is no longer known for his pedestal, but for something else that no one before him has achieved at the luminaire manufacturer RZB: the 50th anniversary of his employment.

Firefighters 'rescued' one child at a time

"All children rescued!" – this was probably the most important message of a respiratory protection officer after returning from the smoky kindergarten after a fire department action week drill. The fire departments of the administrative community had done a good job.

The starting point for the firefighting operation was an unclear smoke development in the gym of the kindergarten and missing children in the building. A total of around 70 firefighters from the volunteer fire departments of redwitz, unterlangenstadt, obristfeld, marktgraitz, trainau and mannsgereuth were involved in the operation. Deputy commandant stefan will was in charge, KBM tobias winterbauer acted as an observer.

Walkers who walk from hainbad to suden these days will be surprised: the creek in the wildly romantic hollergraben has dried up over several hundred meters and the smell of rot hangs in the air.

If you continue on your way in the direction of buger spitze, you will find the explanation for the unusual lack of water in this otherwise lively little river. At the inlet of the hollergraben, under the bridge of the munchner ring, mountains of stones block off the creek. Construction fences shield the land from uninvited guests.
But the barrier will not be of much use. The curiosity of passers-by is rude, finally the river is turned upside down in the middle of the hain amusement park.