edith von welser-ude promotes her husband and the spd in kitzingen

Edith von welser-ude was actually looking forward to retiring with christian ude, her husband. "When he announced to me that he might run for the office of prime minister, i cried at first. But then the pleasure-seeker in me won out over the wife," she said on monday in kitzingen.

The 72-year-old is a mother of six, a well-known photographer and book author, and hosts a cooking show on munich’s regional television station. Twelve years as a member of the munich city council for the SPD. She has been married to the mayor of munich, christian ude, since 1983.

Too loud, too shrill and too coarse

Teacher and cabaret artist christine eixenberger must know how the bavarian education system works. Your program "learning load" gives a deep insight into the mental lives of schoolchildren, parents and teachers.

Christine eixenberger grew up in schliersee. After training as a legal assistant and a few semesters of law, she studied to become a teacher for elementary schools, which she completed in 2015 with the state examination.