25 years of the kitzingen parcel center: parcels all the way to the moon

A birthday cake with a red marzipan ribbon was the visible sign that the deutsche post parcel center in kitzingen was celebrating its half-birthday. For 25 years, tens of thousands of parcels have been sent from there every day to customers in large parts of northern bavaria.

Strictly speaking, it was the 27. September 1994, when the parcel center – one of the first in germany – started operations on a 112,000 square meter site in the industrial area towards albertshofen. Today, it is one of 36 such centers maintained by deutsche post DHL. All incoming and outgoing parcels with a postal code beginning with 97 or 96 on the sender’s or recipient’s address are handled there. The area is almost congruent with lower and upper franconia.

The FDP did not make it into the parliaments in the federal and bavarian state elections. But she wants to continue to be represented in the coburg city council as a "voice of reason", as hans-heinrich eidt says. The 70-year-old is running for his seventh term, and for jens-uwe peter (30) it will be his first. Peter is the top and OB candidate of the FDP, having already proven in the run-up to the state election that he is a tireless campaigner.

Jens-uwe peter has identified the demographic development as a major problem for the city: on average, the people of coburg are getting older and older, while young people are becoming fewer and fewer. His counter-strategies: to design the city center in such a way that older people can still reach it and also shop for their daily needs. In addition to public transportation, the city needs an underground parking garage in the castle square to make the city center more attractive as a retail location.

Energy-efficient renovation is a magic word of our time. Especially in public buildings, a lot has been and is being done here. In most cases, the old night storage heaters are removed first, then the facade is dammed up. But what do you do with a castle whose structure essentially dates back to the 16th century?. Century originates? This is the problem facing the municipality of viereth-trunstadt. Especially since every single step in the renovation of the historic building has to be agreed with the relevant authorities for the protection of historic monuments.

Some 25 years after the last comprehensive renovation of trunstadt castle, there is now a need for it again. Above all, a renewal of the facade and the roof is due in the next few years. In order to do more than just cosmetic work on the facade, the municipality, as the owner of the castle, commissioned a comprehensive renovation concept. Architect udo freitag from the bamberger architekturburo eis presented a first draft to the city council as a basis for discussion.

The world of singing stones

When the "mutterklang" group a concert in the gothic crypt of mariaburghausen, then a very special sound experience is to be expected.
And even at the fifth such concert, the visitors were not disappointed, whether "regulars" or not or curious people who came for the first time.

With marimbaphone

Michael Scholl's sound stones are meanwhile well known in the district, to make them sing, this technique is refined by the stonemason michael scholl and the two musicians sonja wibmuller and angelika eirich standig. They are also always happy to welcome other musical partners, this time felix graser was there for the first time, his marimbaphone blending in perfectly with the klangsteine's world of sound.