City hall project in euerdorf becomes more expensive

The move into the new town hall is delayed because the original completion date cannot be met, as was reported at the town council meeting. The estimated costs will also rise by almost twelve percent. But this is not surprising. Most rates and burgers probably expected something like this for a complex tree removal like the one in hammelburger strabe.

"It’s the unfinished building situation that drives us in. Everything else is in order", the usually critical elmar hofmann was understanding. He was right to do so, because the unforeseen problems that arose could not have been planned either in terms of budget or cost.

Plus of 440000 euro

Despite savings elsewhere, construction costs – estimated at 3.7 million euros – climb the ladder by around 440,000 euros. The appeal of mayor patrizia schieber "we do not have to take every non plus ultra, but can also prefer simple", could help to save money, but it was hardly enough to pay off the considerable additional costs. But it also received praise. "The efforts of the albert team of architects and those of hansjorg kaiser from our administration really have to be commended, emphasized the head of the town hall.

Architect alexander albert gave a detailed overview in the form of a progress report including slides that showed the progress of construction but also revealed the difficulties – not least the cramped conditions at the construction site on the directly adjacent, busy hammelburger strabe. The planner reported that he had a commitment from the executing company heil for the completion of the shell by the end of november. "Around the end of march the building will be finished", he estimated.

The new office and administration building is to wear a bright yellow color, at least the two roughest buildings. The third, the smallest house, presents itself in bright orange. The sheet metal facade in the inner courtyard is given a strong anthracite color, as are the windows. The sun protection, the window frames and the folding shutters on house number 10 were approved by the majority of the market town council. The municipality is waiting for a proposal from the architect regarding the lettering of the building’s exterior. Coat of arms only wanted to see inside the building.

The next supplement for the tree removal, the 19., was already on the table. The construction company needs a scaffolding extension inside the building, must drill core holes and build an additional concrete wall. The costs for this amounted to about 12,500 euros. As the mayor finally informed, the market requested a prolongation of the traffic regulation for the traffic lights until 31 december due to the construction of the town hall. May next year. An information event about the cemetery renovation is planned for may 24 next year. November in the hall of the fire station scheduled.

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