Commitment in uganda

Kulmbach pharmacist hans-peter hubmann is involved in the aid organization "pharmacists help e.V." for better health care in uganda.

With the construction and operation of six health centers in various locations in the kibaale district in uganda, the pharmacists want to improve the supply of medicines there step by step.

Hans-peter hubmann, who is vice chairman of the aid organization, explains: "for us pharmacists, the supply of medicines is a fundamental pillar of medical treatment. Especially in uganda, we still see a lot of need for development here. In the state-run facilities, medical care is free of charge, but unfortunately the drugs are often not available, so that many patients often have to walk for kilometers because the number of health stations is not sufficient to provide care to all people in the vicinity. We want to help improve the situation in uganda by supporting the health centers."

Especially mothers and children

The youngest project of "pharmacists help" so far in uganda, a health center in kitutu, scheduled for completion in spring 2019. "This is an opportunity to provide better medical care, especially for mothers and children", hubmann is pleased. In particular, the nearly 2,000 students at the four elementary school in the vicinity could then be examined regularly. Because vaccinations, adequate supply of vitamin A, and proper treatment of pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria are important elements in reducing child mortality. The projects in uganda are designed to provide long-term support over several years.

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