Construction projects and barbecue party occupy the hemhofen town council

The planning for the building area "zeckern west have stalled. As the hemhofen community council was informed on tuesday evening, the tenders for the development of the building area could not be completed. As far as sewer construction is concerned, the municipality did not receive a single bid. Three valid bids were submitted for the trench construction, but without the prior construction of the canal, no contracts could be awarded here either.

The responsible planning office, IB miller, was commissioned to carry out a new invitation to tender with an extended construction period until the middle of 2020. Burgermeister ludwig nagel (CSU) hopes to get more offers through this equalization. At the same time, however, he also emphasized that it is currently very difficult to award construction contracts and that many municipalities are facing similar problems.

Award of contract subject to reservation

However, the municipal council was able to award one construction contract subject to reservations. The company kollmer bohr- und tiefbau kirchenthumbach was commissioned with the construction of the pressure line to the clearing plant adelsdorf. The corresponding budget funds of 670000 euros have already been made available. However, the municipality of adelsdorf must still agree to its share of the costs for the construction project and also the grant approval by the water management office nurnberg is still pending. However, no problems are expected.

The planned change in the land use plan for hemhofen was also discussed at the meeting. The council agreed to postpone building applications that require a change in the land use plan until the preparatory studies for the urban development requirement have been completed together with the firm valier und partner. This should be the case in the third quarter of 2019. In this context is also a burgher meeting on 10. April planned in the small school gymnasium.

Exception on the playground

There was a short debate afterwards about an event of the "rumfahrer" on the playground at baiersdorfer strabe. Under the motto "smoke& fire" a barbecue party is planned. Councillor fred bauerreis (SPD) criticized such an event on a playground and referred to the fairground as a better location. The second mayor hansjurgen muller () also shared this criticism. Mayor nagel pointed out that the municipal council would have to decide on the project in a special meeting on 22. February had already signaled its approval and the event is already being advertised. In the end, the council approved the proposal with one vote against (bauerreis), but emphasized that they do not see any regular events at the playground.

Finally, the council informed about a donation from the savings bank erlangen-hochstadt-herzogenaurach. The hemhofen seniors’ advisory council received a grant of 1000 euros for its voluntary work with seniors.

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