Corona and the lesson

Corona and the lesson

About the corona situation at the school since the 13. Marz reported to school principal ulrike neidiger-pohl at the community council meeting on thursday. "We have had a hard time, and the teachers have a lot of work and effort to do", she stated.

Classes are currently taught according to an emergency timetable with a maximum of five hours of instruction per day, masks are compulsory in the building and in the corridors, breaks are staggered, classes are separated, and traffic is avoided. Physical education does not take place. Instead of the sport qualification there will be only a sport practical single examination after a strict hygiene concept.

"For the coming school year, we are planning normally for the time being, although there may still be some changes in the regulations. In addition, there is an acute shortage of teachers", she said. There will be a very strong 6. Class with 29 students, also 29 registrations for the 5. Class, said neidiger-pohl.

A division of the classes is however not yet necessary with it. At present, 104 pupils were being taught at the lautertal school. Martin flohrschutz thanked the highly motivated teaching staff, to applause from the board, for their outstanding commitment.

The school gymnasium remains closed, anyway, renovation work is scheduled from 2. July to 8. November on. The folk high school still clarifies the needs for its "remaining program" spring/summer from.

An additional school bus on the route between dorfles-esbach and unterlauter leaves after the third hour, an additional bus is also used for the middle school at lauterberg because of the required distance to be maintained.

The community council has decided to replace the old gate system, as access to the playground, with a floating gate system. From costs in height of 5260 euro, an insurance benefit in height of 5100 euro can be deducted.

Community against mast building

Deutsche telekom has informed the municipality about the intended installation of a mobile radio transmitter at the entrance of unterlauter. Since the planned installation site is in an exposed location and the height was not announced, the council sees it as a significant disruption of the local image. That is why the municipal council voted against the construction on thursday. In the letter of reply to telekom, the municipality wants to make evasive proposals. Second mayor martin rebhan recommended, for example, that the mast be erected on the land of the autobahn maintenance facility near the autobahn. As the new head of administration, cedric lindner, explained, the municipality’s ability to exert influence is extremely limited by law. Up to a height of ten meters, such a construction is in principle not subject to approval. In addition, building in the area of the pit is privileged even in the case of a higher height. Nevertheless, the council members demanded that the rejection be made clear at the intended location.

Antenna exchange

The antennas at the existing mobile radio transmitter in neukirchen are to be replaced. There was a letter from telefonica germany gmbh& co. KG before. There are no objections from the municipality. Norbert seitz, however, recommended asking that the changes also take into account an urgently needed improvement in reception conditions in the lower area of neukirchen and in tiefenlauter, and that the gaps be closed.

Frances buchner leaves the municipal administration on 1 january. July. 128 applications were received for the recruitment of a new secretary, 29 of which were invited for interviews, four of which have been shortlisted.

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