Death over dinner: american man shoots four neighbors to death

Death over dinner: american man shoots four neighbors to death

Eight people were shot in two incidents in new york and chicago over the weekend. In new york, unknown persons killed four men in an illegal club on saturday and injured two other men and a woman. In chicago, a man killed four neighbors while they were eating dinner. In the US state of new hampshire, two people were shot in a church during a wedding ceremony.

Police were called to the scene in new york’s brooklyn neighborhood on saturday morning – believed to be an illegal gambling club. They found a "chaotic scene," police announced at a press conference. According to estimates, there were at least 15 people in the room. Several weapons and playing cards have been found.

In chicago, the 67-year-old perpetrator forced his way into a neighbor’s apartment in a multi-family house, chief superintendent anthony riccio said, according to the "chicago times" newspaper. He shot three men and a woman who were having dinner together. It was initially unclear what the motive of the perpetrator was, who, before his arrest on saturday, inflicted life-threatening injuries on another woman in another apartment in the house.

The schutze is known for aggressive behavior and lack of self-control, the "chicago times" reported, citing the authorities. "He has had several run-ins with people in the house," said riccio. "We don’t know what got him so upset today."

A neighbor told the chicago tribune that he was watching a movie in his apartment when the shots rang out. " why? How can someone come in and just push people around?" asked the man, who said he moved to chicago from palastinian areas in the middle east. "For me as a foreigner it is crazy how much gun violence there is in america."

In the u.S. State of new hampshire, a gunman injured two people during a wedding celebration at a church. The suspected perpetrator was assaulted by wedding guests and subsequently arrested, police said on saturday. Accordingly, the officials were called in the morning (local time) to the church in the town of pelham. The injured were taken to hospitals.

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