Demi moore and bruce willis spend quarantane together

Demi moore and bruce willis spend quarantane together

The actors demi moore and bruce willis spend the corona-quarantane together. On instagram, the 57-year-old shared a photo of her children and ex-husband (65) at the table painting together.

It wasn’t the first time moore and willis have shown up together since the corona crisis began: in early april, moore posted a photo with her kids and bruce willis, all wearing green-and-white striped pajamas. The actors were married for eleven years until 1998 and have three daughters.

In the podcast "dopey" the common daughter scout willis told how it came to the common quarantane: actually bruce willis, his wife emma heming and their daughter wanted to come to idaho together. But one of her two daughters stuck a hypodermic needle into her fub in the park. Because she had to wait for the results of the examination and then travel became difficult, heming and the children stayed in los angeles. Scout willis was happy to have her parents living under the same roof again: "it’s really funny to have my parents in the house where they roughly raised us."

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