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(1) Except as provided in paragraph (H)(3) of this rule, where the offense was a misdemeanor, or would have been a misdemeanor if conviction had occurred under the current criminal code, at least three years have elapsed from the date the person was fully discharged from any imprisonment or probation arising from the conviction. A person who has had his record of misdemeanor conviction sealed by a court pursuant to section 2953.32 of the Revised Code shall be considered to have met this condition. (2) Except as provided in paragraph (H)(3) of this rule, where the offense was a felony, at least ten years have elapsed since the person was fully discharged from imprisonment or probation.

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Erica Sabados
09-20-2016 (2:55pm)
While relaxing these parameters may be a welcome change, there is concern that if the change does not align with foster care or adoption rules it could negatively impact future licensure for caregivers and permanency.
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Lesley Keown
09-29-2016 (1:29pm)
I believe this recommended change is to make attempts at recognizing that many relative/non relative caretakers with misdemeanor offenses would not present a risk to the children they are being studied for and the previous rule often ruled out viable placement options. I understand that it might prevent them from being licensed later if they take that path. I believe we want to differentiate between those folks who were are licensing and relative/non-relative caretakers who don't need to meet the same standards.