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Notify the adoptive parent of the approval or denial of the state adoption maintenance subsidy within fifty days of receipt of a complete state adoption maintenance subsidy application packet with the JFS 01615 or the JFS 07334 . The state adoption maintenance subsidy application shall be approved or denied prior to the adoption finalization.

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Andrea Ginter
06-22-2018 (8:39am)
We need to do something about the last sentence...We only have to look a SAMS if the child is NOT eligible for IV-E Adoption Assistance. If the family selects the "date of finalization" as their subsidy start date, we are not determining eligibility until that point. Therefore, if the child turns out to be INELIGIBLE for IV-E Adoption Assistance we would NOT be determining eligibility for SAMS until AFTER finalization. Are we the only ones who have this issue?
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