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(F) The PCSA shall complete the JFS 01400, 01402, 01419, or 01423 regarding the family of the alleged child victim/child subject of the report. For the purpose of completing the JFS 01400, 01402, 01419, or 01423 family includes all of the following individuals, as applicable:

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Bhumika Patel
02-01-2019 (5:08pm)
The Family Assessment tool and process should be modified to ensure that every individual (child and adult) is assessed for potential human trafficking involvement pursuant to recognized best practice standards. Because of the hidden and misunderstood nature of human trafficking, many cases of human trafficking are not identified as such when a referral is made to children services, and indicators of human trafficking often do not present until an investigation is underway. Most of human trafficking do not self-identify due to factors such as complex trauma, traumatic bonding, and normalization of victimization, and additionally, victims frequently distrust authority figures and may not disclose due to intimidation and threats by their traffickers. Including human trafficking into the Family Assessment tool and process will allow ODJFS to better understand the impact of human trafficking on children and families in Ohio.
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