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Each referral, assessment/investigation and provision of services related to reports of child abuse, neglect, dependency, or family in need of services (FINS) is confidential. Information contained in the statewide automated child welfare information system (SACWIS) is confidential pursuant to section 5101.131 of the Revised Code. This information may be shared only when dissemination is authorized by this rule.

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Mary Wachtel
07-29-2019 (9:43am)
For this rule overall, please provide guidance for how revised language in ORC 149.43, which became effective in April 2019, impacts PCSA's responsibility for confidentiality, including this rule. With these revisions, most PCSA records previously considered non-public now are no longer considered non-public after 75 years. PCSAs need guidance on how to reconcile this revised language with existing language and rule.
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Jewell Good
07-29-2019 (3:23pm)