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The Ohio kinship and adoption navigator (OhioKAN) program.

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Nancy Rolock
03-16-2020 (12:37pm)
Very nice job ‚Ä“ I think this is very comprehensive and clear. I wonder about the term ‚Äúpost-adoptive family‚ÄĚ. It seems to me that what is defined here is an adoptive family (not post-adoptive family). I think all instances of ‚Äėpost-adoption family‚Äô should be changed to ‚Äėadoptive family‚Äô. Furthermore, does an adoptive family need to physically reside together? I can think of good reasons why a young adult may not live with her or his parent (e.g., living on a school campus, living temporarily with a relative, cases of divorce where the child lives with one parent). Rather than use residence as the definition, could it be something like‚Ķ.where a parent provides care and/or support for the child? (The same definition could apply to ‚Äúkinship family‚ÄĚ.)
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