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The Ohio kinship and adoption navigator (OhioKAN) program.

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Ronald R, Browder
03-24-2020 (4:21pm)
While one might understand what the department is attempting to accomplish, the overarching philosophy of this rule is does not reflect the reality of what families are experiencing. This rule seems ill-designed. Both adoptive parents and formal kin caregivers would already have access to a county worker who would provide resources or be able to provide directions on how to access resources, because there is an open case. Why would families already involved in the system seek help from a “shadow system”? What is the benefit to families who are involved with informal kin caregiving, why would they ask for help after being informed that their children might be reported for child abuse and/or neglect? The reason they are caring for their relative children is to keep them out of the system. The rule further references that the families will be in the state child welfare information system. Will that fact be explained to families at the beginning of the contact? This may also drive families to reconsider their participation. The rule makes sense for Private and International adoptive families, since they do not have ready access to county driven and/or directed supportive services.
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