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The Ohio kinship and adoption navigator (OhioKAN) program.

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Barbara Turpin Ohio Grandparent Kinship Coalition
03-25-2020 (6:47pm)
One of the intended goals of the OKAN program is to be a user-friendly service to formal and informal kinship caregivers who have volunteered to take care of children who cannot be cared for by the biological parent(s). One of the differences between a kinship caregiver and an adoptive parent is that, in most cases, the caregiver had not anticipated or prepared for taking responsibility for the children. As a result, caregivers may not be familiar or comfortable with working with public agencies i.e., courts, children services etc., therefore some of the requirements of rule 5101:2-40-10 may create concern for caregivers which could result in them not utilizing the OKAN services. Once the requirements of the navigator program are disclosed to the caregiver, which may appear to be invasive and child welfare agency functions i.e., input of information into a SACWIS system; “screening” instead of an assessment; “open and closed” cases; mandated reporting of child abuse and neglect; and required provision of documents and verifications, the kinship caregiver may not be willing to pursue the services of the navigator for concern that the child would be removed.
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