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The Ohio kinship and adoption navigator (OhioKAN) program.

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Beth Bullock
03-25-2020 (7:24pm)
I appreciate the work on this issue. My concern is in regard to adding the informal caregiver to the system. I feel a parent who is making a choice to allow a family member to care for their child on their own free will should not then be expected to enter into a system where additional scrutiny will occur. The informal caregiver needs to be supported and have the same access too services that are extended to a child going through the foster care system. Formal and informal caregivers are separate instances and should be kept separate where agency and court requirements are involved. An informal caregiver is a better choice if at all possible to save the additional resources of agency involvement for more severe cases. The thresholds of income should not apply for informal caregivers thereby allowing the caregiver to access services and assistance which will make the situation easier for all involved.
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