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PCSA requirement to participate in child protection oversight and evaluation.

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Richard Tvaroch
05-18-2020 (3:32pm)
Trumbull County Children Services GREATLY APPRECIATES the Department’s willingness to put its commitment to examining and improving the CPOE process in rule. THIS IS EXCITING AND THANK YOU. However, we must also recommend that the proposed new paragraph (O) (6) be replaced with: (O) (6) Outcome Federal outcome indicators involving child safety, child permanency, and child and family well-being; compliance with statutorily mandated PCSA responsibilities; and selected child welfare program components across the continuum. This language serves the exact same purpose while being more encompassing, is factually accurate (screening, dispositions, and child placement are not federal issues), and is less provocative. Our concern is that keeping refences to screening, dispositions, and child placement in this version could make the clearance and the JCARR process unnecessarily contentious. We (ODJFS and the PCSAs) all know that these issues will be on the table for CPOE 13, so let us save the debate/ negotiations until then.
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