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PCSA requirement to participate in child protection oversight and evaluation.

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Shelby Cully
05-19-2020 (10:14am)
Please note the new paragraph (L)'s wording is confusing. Is there a difference between the final report and the CPOE final report? If there is not then the dates do not make sense as it gives you 30 days in (L) but only 15 days in (L)(1) and (L)(2). Is the 15 days added onto the 30 days? If so, then you may want to eliminate the 30 days in the initial paragraph of (L) and just state the time frames for actually filing the reports rather than including an extra notice option. Also, (L) states the PCSA may do one of the following and then list options except that number (4) is not something the PCSA may do but rather a direction of what must be included in an appeal. Section (4) may more appropriately go as a subset of (3) or under the new (M). The new (M) could set out the expectations of both the addendum and the appeal. Overall, thank you for your hard work.
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