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Education and in service training requirements for PCSA caseworkers.

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louis devault
10-29-2021 (3:00am)
well this portion of training is going to be a test of changes...Trafficking is a stain on humanity amounting to setting the stage for life long servitude for which every state is some what responsible ...Unsupervised foster care tops the list of those inside the system giving ohio quite the bad reputation and the agency has to clean this up pronto... Here we see the results of a fbi verified arrest and conviction rate where child protective services actually was the source for children whom were eventually trafficked to detroit for prostitution... https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/pastor-accused-child-sex-trafficking-faces-federal-trial-60879724 Yhe access to the children was from the childrens services liazon to the lucas county commisioners board...She hand picked the girls from the system the various pastors groomed them and the final destination was their end of the line in detroit illicit activities...When the fbi leaked information to her offices at the county commisioners She was documented making airline reservations dso the men could flee the country...Later MRS.lloyd jenkins would also be accused of witness tampering during the federal trials... This is a special problem in ohio as the human trafficking maps list ohio at the top of the national list for human trafficking of all kinds... The federal watch dog agencies can no longer over look these infractions so the agency needs you guys to clean your act up...https://humantraffickingsearch.org/us-foster-care-system-a-breeding-ground-for-human-trafficking/?fbclid=IwAR0wFFYZ8AdXCjhlyPdNgnoMlJsKt1cjV_6yIpeyGYlK-uzw_iAaxYa5DAk further more it will now end bably for those whom are implicated and result in arrests convictions and huge losses of budget from the federal title iv funding provisions... https://youtu.be/tky8XVBw9HE Now the juvenile longterm residential cmps may ensure containment but the eventual some say inevitable down ward spiral will asure these camps doomed from the outset in 10 years so the agency has to clean their own house some will go to prison that is a given...for this problem has existed since the parodies of oliver twist and ebeneezer scrooge where set to pen and paper... the front line workers must ensure the safety of all children in care which is the mission and containment or control of this eggregious problem is no longer possible in the information ages unless the camps become places where these problems are made to go away which surely is not the intentyion but i believe it will be the eventual outcome ...
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