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Education and in service training requirements for PCSA caseworkers.

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Sally Fitch
11-12-2021 (4:24pm)
The OCWTP believes strongly that the foundational knowledge and skills given in caseworker core is an integral part of the success of caseworker engagement, assessment, decision-making and support. We recommend removing the proposed wording of E(4), as it does not have safeguards in place to ensure qualitative and quantitative measures and tools to ensure equivalency to caseworker core learning outcomes. Short of high stakes testing, we could not be assured any employee, whom this would affect, has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide competent casework to families and children. OCTWP further believes E(4) refutes the preceding E(1-3). We believe E(1-3) provide the necessary parameters for making core waiver decisions, while preserving the need for consistent training to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of the children we serve.
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Mary Serapiglia
11-16-2021 (4:25pm)
o This section negates sections E1, E2 and E3 that put parameters on situations when CW Core can be waived while still giving Executive Directors flexibility.
o There is no structure to what the individualized assessment will include. By requiring an ITNA to be completed before Core is waived would provide data regarding whether or not there are any high training needs in any of the Core areas. If there are, those Core modules should not be waived.
o The current LMS (Etrack) does not have the ability to record an individualized assessment.
o Waiving Core could pose a liability risk for not only the county but for the state.