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Education and in service training requirements for PCSA caseworkers.

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Stacey Saunders-Adams & Laura Hughes
11-24-2021 (10:34am)
(C) – “obtain a job-related bachelor’s OR MASTERS degree…” (D) – OUCCAS recommends removing the hour requirement from the rule and including a list of required content areas, such as: •Recognizing, accepting reports of, and preventing child abuse, neglect, and dependency; •Assessing child safety; •Assessing risks; •Interviewing persons; •Investigating cases; •Intervening; •Providing services to children and their families; •The importance of and need for accurate data; •Preparation for court; •Maintenance of case record information; •The legal duties of PCSA caseworkers to protect the constitutional and statutory rights of children and families from the initial time of contact during investigation through treatment, including instruction regarding parents' rights and the limitations that the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution places upon caseworkers and their investigations; (CAPTA) •Content on other topics relevant to child abuse, neglect, and dependency, including permanency strategies, concurrent planning, and adoption as an option for unintended pregnancies. (D) - “…during the first year of the caseworker’s continuous employment with the agency IN THAT POSITION.” Makes it clear that someone needs to take Caseworker Core once they become a caseworker. (E) (3) - Recommend additional language for the director/designee to assess Core changes within the previous five years prior to making the decision whether to waive the Caseworker Core requirement. Since the proposed rule indicates that the caseworker has worked at a PCSA within the last five years it may have been much longer since they attended Caseworker Core. (F)(1) – “…policy, PROCEDURES, AND BEST PRACTICES which have occurred….” (G) – Consider requiring that training activities be connected to caseworker or county needs assessment. (H) – “…approved domestic violence training courses LISTED WITHIN the statewide LMS.” (I) - “…approved human trafficking course LISTED WITHIN the statewide LMS.”
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