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The county child abuse and neglect memorandum of understanding.(DRAFT)

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louis devault
01-07-2022 (3:44am)
this is a bullshit device and blantantly out of regulation with federal laws underlined and reaffirmed in federal district vcourts in 2017 ...The right to lie case not only is means fr dismissal but also rock solid grounds for the loss of sovereign immunity...I refer to 'a case recently adjudicated in allen county the governors back yard ...hear fosters parents had sexually abused and given their children aids and the director and 2 other social wreckers where caught amending the records of the agency to avert any liability here is a link to the case....Make no mistake any lack of prosecuting the rape charges is for the state ...Kids like this need prosecutions and records to pursue damages... The last thing the state wants to do is pay meaningful damages...which is the primary reason the director of the agency got caught covering the case up and the medical records confirming aids transmitted to the foster kids ‘An abomination’: Kindle draws 94 years for sex with multiple minors - The Lima News LIMAOHIO.COM ‘An abomination’: Kindle draws 94 years for sex with multiple minors - The Lima News LIMA ” Jeremy Kindle will spend the rest of his natural life in prison for sexually assaulting seven young boys, several of whom had been welcomed as This coupled with the right to lie case which the supreme court of the united states affirmed has and will improve cps forever... https://youtu.be/d_8-8IZLP4w Now the friends of the court may not like it but if the state persists in acting soo poorly in these cases I would fear for the safety of staff and advocates oon the whle for a very for seeable future
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