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Please note: Rule 5101:2-38-05 of the Administrative Code is being reviewed for the five year review requirement.

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louis devault
01-12-2021 (10:11am)
to often these cases are manipulated to gain federal funding ...These sought after funds must be litigated and investigated very thoroughly...and only with great care the financial steering committees are very powerful? Here we see a judge doing an in house refresher course for social workers...https://youtu.be/MYgAu6mXmjc Yet they are fallible and sometimes corrupted ...corrupted by the money or other motives! once this is proven using preponderance as the parents have sufficient time to proof their cases then the state litigates no further instead they under the crime victims compensation act must arbitrate restitution...This restitution is in monetary form and with out a doubt due the families! Here we see what cps sold as suitable placement in a therapeutic foster situation...https://youtu.be/hOIUQ3N6qJI Later upon inspection the parent s were blamed for not seeking law enforcement! when this evidence was wrangled in 3 courts should a parent be required to also seek law enforcement?
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