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(E) An agency shall require a JFS 01390 "ODJFS Medical Statement for Child Care Staff in Residential Facilities" (rev. 6/2001) to be completed by a licensed physician, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, or certified nurse-midwife within six months prior to employing any person who will have direct contact with children.

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Mark Mecum
09-09-2014 (12:36pm)
We are confused if this requirement strictly applies to staff of residential facilities -- or staff of agencies that offer residential programs. For example, does this apply to a foster care agency's case managers?
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Charlie R Christian
09-10-2014 (5:29pm)
My interpretation of this part of the Rule; per the last section states "...any person who will direct contact with children." There is no difference between a commercial, agency, government facility. That would include supervisors that have "direct contact with children". This would include daily, weekly, monthly contacts. Again, this is my interpretation.