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(2) Feelings concerning adoption and permanency.

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Ryan Kear
05-10-2018 (10:29am)
I could leave this comment for this whole Rule but had to select a smaller portion of text. I am writing because I think the stance/law of "biological family is ALWAYS best" needs to be changed to something along the lines of "every case/situation is unique and biological relatives and foster/adoptive options will all be equally considered to the best interested and welfare of the child(ren)." This is according to the law 5101:2-42-05 (A)(B) and other related laws which I, along with almost every other foster parent I know, would like to see changed in a similar fashion. My goal in the wording is to get it to where they are required to terminate parental rights as soon as possible, which I know can still be subjective, but base it solely on each individual parent, regardless of biological relatives. Then if biological relatives are interested they be put on the same equal playing field as any foster/adoptive parent that is willing to adopt. I don't think it's fair to the kids or foster/adoptive parents that the requirements to foster and adopt are so much higher and more strict than biological relatives. Obviously if biological relatives meet the same requirements that foster/adoptive parents have met, have taken the same training classes, etc. there's not much that can argued but when the kids are put back in a far worse situation just because biological relatives met the bare minimum requirements is pathetic.
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