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(H) If the PCSA fails to meet one or more of the established outcome indicators listed in paragraph (C) of this rule, the PCSA shall develop and submit for acceptance by ODJFS a quality improvement plan (QIP) within thirty days from the PCSA's receipt of the CPOE final report or within thirty days from the PCSA's receipt of the CPOE appeal decision. (I) The QIP shall include the activities the PCSA will conduct to address identified deficiencies in the PCSA's programmatic performance in the delivery of child welfare services, as outlined in the CPOE final report, in order to bring the agency into compliance. The PCSA may request ODJFS assist the PCSA with the development of the QIP and provide the PCSA technical assistance in the implementation of the plan pursuant to section 5101.221 of the Revised Code.

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Susan Halter
03-09-2020 (9:01am)
For CPOE 12, the described process has been changed. The PCSA will conduct a Self-Assessment and then develop a PPA. There is a review of cases throughout the PPA process. Do these sections need updated to reflect the current CPOE process?
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