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(F) If the PCSA is writing a response to either clarify its position or address the conclusions regarding the evaluation and assessment of the PCSA's programmatic performance in the delivery of child welfare services within the CPOE report without seeking to change the CPOE report or its findings, the PCSA shall submit an addendum within fifteen days of the PCSA's receipt of the CPOE final report to ODJFS. . The PCSA's addendum shall be attached to the CPOE report and maintained in the CPOE record.

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Richard Tvaroch
03-30-2020 (10:09am)
Trumbull County Children Services recommends that that following be added as (F)(1) and (F)(1)(a): (F) (1) If the PCSA’s written response exposes a factual inaccuracy in the CPOE Report or its findings, the CPOE Report shall be retracted, corrected, and reissued by ODJFS. (F)(1)(a) The appeal timeframes outlined in paragraph G of this rule shall begin on the date that the PCSA receives the reissued CPOE Report.
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