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C) The CPOE review of the PCSA shall include, but not be limited to, the examination and analysis of the following in relation to the PCSA's delivery of child welfare services to children and families: (1) Outcome indicators involving child safety, child permanency, and child and family well-being. (2) Compliance with statutorily mandated PCSA responsibilities.

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Shelby Cully
03-31-2020 (12:31pm)
As drafted, the language states that the CPOE review shall include, ”but not be limited to“ and list 3 areas. By including the language“but not limited to“, the rule allows the State to review areas of practice that have no rule or law directing practice, such as screening decisions. The review of these discretionary practices in a public document is worrisome, not because agencies do not want to be reviewed and assisted with practice improvements but because the reviews could not be applied uniformly across the State as there are not uniform rules that counties are able to follow. Instead of including reviews of discretionary practices in CPOE we would suggest language in the rule that would keep CPOE reviews strictly about rule/law compliance.
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