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G) If the PCSA is writing a response to dispute one or more of the CPOE report findings and is requesting a decision by ODJFS to change the CPOE report or its findings, the PCSA shall submit an appeal of the CPOE final report to ODJFS within fifteen days of the PCSA's receipt of the CPOE final report . The appeal decision by ODJFS shall be final

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Shelby Cully
03-31-2020 (12:46pm)
To ensure the Appeal process is meaningful and transparent it would be helpful to have the process set out in the rule. For example, what standard of review will be used to determine if a finding should be overturned? It would also be helpful to know who completes the appeals, is the person outside of the TAS’s chain of command and therefore a neutral reviewer? Is there a time frame for an appeal decision so an agency knows when to expect an outcome? Even if an appeal is not overturned, is there a mechanism to allow for certain corrections to the original finding that may have been done in error? Finally, as there is a mechanism for an agency to attach an addendum if they do not appeal, could this also be included as an option if an appeal is requested by not overturned?
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