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(C) The CPOE review of the PCSA shall include, but not be limited to, the examination and analysis of the following in relation to the PCSA's delivery of child welfare services to children and families: (1) Outcome indicators involving child safety, child permanency, and child and family well-being. (2) Compliance with statutorily mandated PCSA responsibilities. (3) Selected child welfare program components across the continuum. (D) The CPOE review shall include discussion and inquiry as to the systemic factors that contribute to the PCSA's delivery of child welfare services including, but not limited to, the following

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Renee Bastounis
04-03-2020 (10:03am)
Trumbull County Children Services is very concerned and disagrees with the inclusion of screening decisions as part of CPOE 12. Because the heart of the screening rule, 5101:2-36-01 (F), simply refers to Ohio Revised Code, how are the Department’s Technical Assistance Specialists qualified to assess the “correctness” of a screening decision? They are not attorneys. When the Department has always resisted giving the counties legal guidance, why does it now want to be involved in shaping our screening practices, which are, at their foundation, the interpretation and application of ORC? We also have similar concerns regarding the possibility that screening classifications, report dispositions, and child placement decisions could be added to future CPOE iterations. These decisions are all more art than science. This makes it impossible for a TAS to fairly and objectively review them. Therefore, we suggest adding the following as new sections (D) and (D) (1) … (D)(3): (D) The CPOE review of the PCSA shall not include an examination and analysis of the following: (D) (1) Report screening classification and decisions. (D) (2) Report dispositions. (D) (3) Child placement decisions.
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